• I8262 Imei Repair Spt Box Crack

    i8262 imei repair spt box crack


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    I8262 Imei Repair Spt Box Crack


    iPad Accessories iPad Air Accessories iPad Mini Accessories More iPad Accessories Data Cables iPhone / iPod / iPad Cables LG Data Cables Motorola Data Cables Nokia Data Cables Samsung Data Cables Sony / Sony Ericsson Cables View All Data Cables. Activations Chimera Tool Blackberry Activation Chimera Tool Samsung Activation eMMCPinouts.com Activation FoneFunMembers Activation ATF Network Account LGTool Activation For SE Tool NCK Box 1 Year Activation NCK Dongle 1 Year Activation NS Pro 1 Year Activation OSS Client RIFF Box eMMC Activation Vygis Box DC-Unlocker Activation Z3X LG Activation Volcano Box Merapi Activation Z3X Samsung Activation Z3X SAMS PRO Activation More. Batteries Alcatel Battery Blackberry Battery HTC Battery iPhone Battery LG Battery Nokia Battery Samsung Battery Sony Ericsson Battery More. *Flash to phone with patch file. -Direct (Fast) Unlock All type of Locks -Re-Lock a Samsung phone to a network -High speed Flashing -Read/Write EEPROM -Read/Write FULL FLASH -Super fast USB flashing mode available for Agere phones -Safe and Super fast Zxxx flashing -Reset IMEI (reset to original OTP IMEI , useful when bad unlock or eeprom reset codes have been used) -Bypass MSL security on new phones for reset IMEI -Repair all software faults -Repair Phone freeze -Repair Phone locked return for servicing & Wrong Card -Repair permanently locked phones (0 unlock code counter) -Repair damaged NV/NVM/EEPROM -Automatic login to support area from SPT Box software -Online update and upgrades of Smart Card -Instant broadcasting service for announcing new software releases. SEP 21 Sptbox deluxe 6.3.6 released!!!! * Broadcomm SGH-F480i Write Flash Support.


    Reset Default EFS 2. +441142437800 Int. * Open in Settings Menu Application Menu. June 10 SPTBOX DELUXE 11.5.3 RELEASED * First In World GT-P7100(Galaxy Tab 10.1v) Flashing * First In World GT-P7500(Galaxy Tab 10.1) Flashing * First In World GT-I9100(Galaxy S2) Flashing * First In World GT-I9001 Direct Unlock/Imei/Flash * First In World GT-S5780 Unlock/Imei/Flash(BETA) * First In World GT-S3350L Unlock/Imei/Flash * First In World GT-E2152I Dual Imei/Unlock/Flash * First In World GT-C3510N Direct Unlock/Imei/Flash * First In World GT-C3510L Direct Unlock/Imei/Flash * First In World GT-B3410N Direct Unlock/Imei/Flash * First In World GT-E2550L Direct Unlock/Imei/Flash * First In World GT-B5702L Direct Unlock/Imei/Flash * 8 GB NEW File Uploading Support. - Mark Unlock Or Repair Imei And Press Factory Mode. UnLock OK ! All Jobs Done.


    Procedure Of I9300 0mei And Unlock Following: * Phone Should Be Rooted (If not Can find root file on spt support select in pda tab then flash) * Connect Phone Powered On To USB CABLE With Usb Debug Active * Press Spt Mode. vat Express Remote Installation Service 15.00 inc. 08444 820060 Int. BlackBerry MEP 0 Unlock HTC S-Off Service iPhone Network Checker Checkmend Blacklist Checker iPhone Not Restoring Service Too Many Pattern Attempts Nokia SL3 Brute Force Repair Services iPhone Repairs iPhone 5s Repair iPhone 5c Repair iPhone 5 Repair iPhone 4s Repair iPhone 4 Repair iPhone 3GS Repair iPhone 3G Repair iPad Repairs TomTom Repairs JTAG / Boot Repair LCD Repair iPhone LCD Repair iPad / iPod LCD Repair Blackberry LCD Repair HTC LCD Repair LG LCD Repair Motorola LCD Repair Nokia LCD Repair Samsung LCD Repair Sony / Sony Ericsson More. Total Time: 4.40 s Please Wait Enter Test Mode . It shows you how to get your software and drivers setup correctly, enabling you to get up and running in minutes. October 22 Sptbox deluxe 12.3.6 released * First in World GT-S3770 Flash/Unlock/Imei * First in World GT-S3778 Flash/Unlock/Imei * First in World GT-S3778v Flash/Unlock/Imei * First in World GT-S5270L Flash/Unlock/Imei * First in World GT-I9103 Unlock/Imei(Root Required) * First in World GT-S5360 Unlock/Imei * First in World GT-S5363 Unlock/Imei * First in World GT-S5360C Unlock/Imei * First in World GT-I9008 Direct Unlock/Imei * First in World GT-I9008L Direct Unlock/Imei * First in World GT-P7500 Unlock/Imei(Root Required) * First in World GT-P7500C Unlock/Imei(Root Required) * GT-I9018 Unlock/Imei * GT-E1180 Flash/Unlock/Imei October 13 Sptbox deluxe 12.2.5 released * First In World GT-I5700 EFS REPAIR(00000 imei) With One Click * First In World GT-I5700E EFS REPAIR(00000 imei) With One Click * First In World GT-I5700L EFS REPAIR(00000 imei) With One Click * First In World SHW-M180S Flash/Unlock/Imei * First In World GT-I9100G Flash/Unlock/Imei(Root Required) * First In World GT-I9108 Flash/Unlock/Imei(Root Required) * First In World GT-I9103 Flash * First In World GT-S5360 Flash * First In World GT-I5500M Flash/Direct Unlock/Imei * First In World GT-S5660M Flash/Direct Unlock/Imei * First In World GT-S5838 Flash/Direct Unlock/Imei * First In World GT-S5578 Flash/Direct Unlock/Imei * First In World GT-E2220 Flash/Direct Unlock/Imei * First In World GT-S3350M Flash/Unlock/Imei * First In World GT-E1195 Flash/Direct Unlock/Imei * First In World GT-E1190 Flash/Direct Unlock/Imei * First In World GT-E1182L Flash/Direct Unlock/Imei * First In World GT-E2558D Flash/Direct Unlock/Imei * First In World SCH-I509 Flash/Direct Unlock/Imei * First In World SGH-A847 Flash/Direct Unlock/Imei(BETA) * First In World SGH-A847R Flash/Direct Unlock/Imei(BETA) * First In World SGH-T479B Flash/Direct Unlock/Imei(BETA) * First In World SGH-T746 Flash/Direct Unlock/Imei(BETA) * First In World SGH-T589R Flash/Direct Unlock/Imei(BETA) * 25 GB New File Uploading At Support. December 12 Sptbox 12.7.8 released * First IN World SGH-T989 Flash/Unlock/Imei * First IN World SGH-T989D Unlock/Imei * First IN World SGH-I727 Flash/Unlock/Imei * First IN World SHW-M290K Flash/Unlock/Imei * First IN World GT-S5610 Flash/Unlock/Imei * First IN World SHV-E110S Flash * First IN World SHV-E120S Flash * First IN World GT-S3970 Flash * First IN World GT-E1228 Flash(BETA) * First IN World GT-C3528 Flash(BETA) * First In World SCH-M720 Imei/Unlock * 10 GB new File Uploaded Support * Special Files Uploaded(E110S,T989,I727 Chinisee,I9000 2.3.6 Android) * More Android Models New Patch File Added(Solved Timeout Problem) * Force Download Mode Button Add For Android Phones T989-T989D-I727 Unlock,Imei Procedure: * Put Phone Download Mode * Connect Phone to Usb * Press RESET DEFAULT EFS * After Progress Done Power On Phone * Connect Cable * Mark Imei and Unlock * Press Factory Mode Force Download Button How is Work? * Connect Phone Usb Then select modem port and press this button and phone will auto go Download mode Warning!!!! * Before Install This Update To Your Pc Should Uninstall Previous Version SPT or u will get trouble when use new update November 26 Sptbox deluxe 12.6.2 released * First IN World GT-I9220 Flash/Unlock/Imei * First IN World GT-I8150 Flash/Unlock/Imei * First IN World GT-I9008L Flash/Unlock/Imei * First IN World SGH-I777 Flash/Unlock/Imei(Beta) * First IN World GT-N7000 Flash/Unlock/Imei * First IN World GT-S5820 Flash/Unlock/Imei * First IN World GT-I9188 Flash/Unlock/Imei * First IN World GT-B5510 Flash/Unlock/Imei * First IN World GT-S5368 Flash * First IN World SGH-T759 Unlock/Imei * First IN World SGH-I857 Unlock/Imei * First IN World SGH-T499 Unlock/Imei * First IN World SGH-T499V Unlock/Imei * First IN World SGH-T499Y Unlock/Imei * First IN World SGH-T679 Unlock/Imei * First IN World SGH-T679M Unlock/Imei * First IN World SGH-T499Y Unlock/Imei Attention: I9001 Flash Format Change Mean all user need re-download new file for use in new update.


    July 09 Sptbox deluxe 18.1.8 released * FIRST IN WORLD GT-I8580 Flash/UNLOCK/IMEI * FIRST IN WORLD GT-I8550E Flash/IMEI/UNLOCK * FIRST IN WORLD GT-I9507V Flash/UNLOCK/IMEI * FIRST IN WORLD SM-G3815 UNLOCK/Super IMEI * FIRST IN WORLD SM-P601 UNLOCK/IMEI * FIRST IN WORLD SM-G9098 Flash * FIRST IN WORLD SM-G9092 Flash * FIRST IN WORLD SM-G3509I Flash * FIRST IN WORLD SCH-I939I Flash * FIRST IN WORLD SM-T2558 Flash * FIRST IN WORLD SM-T2556 Flash * FIRST IN WORLD SM-G3518 Flash * FIRST IN WORLD SM-G3586V Flash * FIRST IN WORLD SM-G3588V FLASH * FIRST IN WORLD SM-G3508I Flash * FIRST IN WORLD SM-G3502I Flash * FIRST IN WORLD GT-I9158P Flash * GT-I9208 Flash/UNLOCK/IMEI June 19 Sptbox deluxe 17.9.4 * First IN WORLD GT-N7108D F/I/U * First IN WORLD SM-G3858 F/U/I * First IN WORLD GT-I9168I F/I/U * First IN WORLD GT-I9168 F/I/U * First IN WORLD SM-N7508V F/U/Super IMEI * First IN WORLD SM-N7506V F/U/Super IMEI * First IN WORLD GT-I9308I F/U/Super IMEI * First IN WORLD GT-I9300I F/U/Super IMEI * First IN WORLD SM-W2014 U/Super IMEI * First IN WORLD SM-N7505 F/U/Super IMEI * SM-G900H F/U/Super IMEI * SM-G7109 Flash * GT-S7278U Flash * GT-S7278 Flash * GT-I9152P Flash * SM-T2105 Flash * SM-G900S Flash * SM-G900L Flash * SM-G900K Flash * SM-G900I Flash * SM-G900A Flash * SM-G900T Flash * SM-P601 Flash * SM-V700 Flash April 15 Sptbox deluxe 17.5.8 released NEWS: ** F = Flash , U = Unlock , I = IMEI * First IN WORLD SM-T217T F/U/I * First IN WORLD GT-I9060L F/U/I * First IN WORLD GT-T111 F/U/I * First IN WORLD GT-T110 F/U/I * First IN WORLD GT-I9082N(I9082CZN) F/U/I * First IN WORLD GT-I9060 F/U/I * First IN WORLD GT-I9507 F/U/I * First IN WORLD SM-G3815 F * First IN WORLD SM-G3819D F * First IN WORLD SM-N9002 DUAL IMEI repair with super imei * First IN WORLD SM-G3509 F * GT-S7392 F/U/I * GT-S7390 F/U/I * SGH-I257 F/U/I * GT-S7262 F * 50 GB new file Added Support January 21 SPTBOX DELUXE 17.4.3 RELEASED NEWS: * First IN World SM-N9008V Flash/UNLOCK/IMEI * First IN World SM-T315 Flash/UNLOCK/IMEI * First IN World SM-G350 Flash/UNLOCK/IMEI * First IN World SM-G3818 Flash/UNLOCK/IMEI * First IN World GT-S7562U Flash/UNLOCK/IMEI * First IN World GT-S7562C Flash/UNLOCK/IMEI * First IN World GT-S7278 Flash/IMEI * First IN World GT-G7102 Flash * First IN World GT-G7108 Flsah * First IN World GT-G7106 Flash * First IN World GT-N7108D Flash * First IN World SM-G3502C Flash * First IN World SM-W2014 Flash * First IN World SM-C105 Flash * GT-I8262 UNLOCK/IMEI(super imei) * GT-I9197 Flash/UNLOCK/IMEI * GT-S7582 Flash/UNLOCK/IMEI * GT-S7580 Flash/UNLOCK/IMEI * GT-E2200 Repair IMEI * Repair Note 3 Network Problem After Super imei Procedure of E2200-S6818-S6818v imei: * Install driver under drivers folder SprdDriver.zip * Power On Phone * Connect Phone To usb * Select Port * Mark Repair imei * Press Factory Mode Note 3 Repair Network Problem: * Connect Phone Usb After Super imei * In Adb Mode and Phone Should Be Rooted * Press Repair 3G Button November 26 Sptbox deluxe 16.9.8 * GT-I9500 IMEI Change/Unlock * First IN WORLD SM-G3812 Flash/Unlock/Imei * First in WORLD GT-S7568i Flash/Unlock/Imei * SM-N9005 Flash * SM-N9009 Flash * SM-N900v Flash * SM-N9009 Flash November 10 Sptbox deluxe 16.9.2 * SM-G3502U Flash/Unlock/IMEI * SM-G3502 Flash/Unlock/IMEI * GT-S7273T Flash/Unlock/IMEI * GT-I9158 Flash/Unlock/IMEI * SM-N9006 flash * SCH-I545 flash * SHV-E330S flash * SM-N9002 flash * SM-N900L flash * SM-N900K Flash * SM-N900S Flash * Repair GT-I9305 3G/4G * Repair GT-I9505 3G/4G * SM-N900W8 FLASH * SM-N900T FLSAH * SM-N9008 Flash * GT-S5282 Flash * SM-N900 Flash * GT-I8552B Region Change * GT-N7100 Region Change * N900t N900w8 Region change September 09 SPTBOX DELUXE 16.7.2 RELEASED * First In World SCH-P729 Flash/Unlock/IMEI * First In World SCH-P709 Flash/Unlock/IMEI * GT-B5330L Flash/Unlock/IMEI * GT-S7272 Flash/Unlock/IMEI * GT-S6812C Flash/Unlock/IMEI * GT-S7270L Flash/Unlock/IMEI * SC-04E Flash/Unlock/IMEI * GT-I8558 Flash/Unlock/IMEI * Android 4.xx pattern unlock August 25 Sptbox deluxe 16.6.3 * FIRST In WORLD GT-S6810B Flash/Unlock/Imei * FIRST In WORLD GT-S6810M Flash/Unlock/Imei * FIRST In WORLD GT-I9192 Flash/Unlock/Imei * FIRST In WORLD SM-T211 Flash * GT-S6810 Flash/Unlock/Imei * GT-S6810P Flash/Unlock/Imei * GT-S6810L Flash/Unlock/Imei * GT-I9190 Flash/Unlock/Imei * GT-I9195 Flash/Unlock/Imei June 30 Sptbox deluxe 16.3.7 * First IN WORLD GT-I9152 Flash/Unlock/IMEI * First IN WORLD GT-C3313T Flash/Unlock/IMEI * First IN WORLD GT-S7710L Flash/Unlock/IMEI * First IN WORLD GT-C3312R Flash/Unlock/IMEI * First IN WORLD GT-I8262B Flash/Unlock/IMEI * First IN WORLD GT-I9505G Flash/Unlock/IMEI * First IN WORLD GT-I9508 Flash/Unlock/IMEI * First IN WORLD GT-I9082I Flash/Unlock/IMEI * First IN WORLD GT-I8552B Flash/Unlock/IMEI * First IN WORLD SCH-I959 Flash/Unlock/IMEI/MEID * First IN WORLD SHV-E250S Flash/Unlock/IMEI * First IN WORLD SHV-E250LFlash/Unlock/IMEI * First IN WORLD SHV-E250KFlash/Unlock/IMEI * First IN WORLD GT-S6812I Flash * First IN WORLD GT-S7898 Flash * First IN WORLD SCH-J021 Flash * GT-I9500 Flash/UNLOCK * GT-I9505 Flash/IMEI/UNLOCK * GT-I9502 Flash/DUAL IMEI/UNLOCK * GT-S6802B Flash/IMEI/UNLOCK * SGH-I747M IMEI/UNLOCK * SGH-I747 IMEI/UNLOCK * SGH-T999V IMEI/UNLOCK * SGH-T999 Flash/IMEI/UNLOCK * SGH-T889 Flash/IMEI/UNLOCK * SGH-T889V Flash/IMEI/UNLOCK * SGH-I337M Flash/IMEI/UNLOCK * SGH-M919 Flash/IMEI/UNLOCK * GT-E1207T Flash/Dual IMEI/UNLOCK * 75 GB NEW File Upload March 06 Sptbox deluxe 15.7.2 released * First IN WORLD GT-S7562 Flash/Unlock/Dual Imei * First IN WORLD GT-S7562I Flash/Unlock/Dual Imei * First IN WORLD GT-S7568 Flash/Unlock/Imei * First IN WORLD GT-I9105P Flash/Unlock/Imei * First IN WORLD GT-I9082 Flash/Unlock/Imei * First IN WORLD GT-I9082P Flash/Unlock/Imei * First IN WORLD GT-I9082C Flash/Unlock/Imei * First IN WORLD GT-I9260 Flash/Unlock/Imei * First IN WORLD GT-I9268 Flash/Unlock/Imei * First IN WORLD GT-E1500 Flash/Unlock/DUAL Imei * GT-E1202 Flash/Unlock/Dual Imei * GT-E1202C Flash/Unlock/Dual Imei Tutorial For S7562/S7562I/S7568 Following : * Connect Phone To usb with Usb debug active * Press Spt Mode and Wait till Phone Restart * After Phone restart again do SPT MODE * Then Factory Mode Tutorial For I9082 and other new phones added following: * Download Patch file from support area. Home Button Repair iPhone iPad Other Repairs TomTom Repairs Hoverboard Repairs Sim Card Reader Repair Microphone Repair Power Switch Repair View All Repair Services. User: S5230 Password: free - Upload Your Ask File (Turnarround is instant) - When Your Rpl Come Download And Put Same Folder Ask - Mark Unlock And Press Factory Mode Then Your Phone Unlocked P.S: Rpl TurnArround Time For Gmt+2 09:00 - 00:00 instant Jun 22 Sptbox deluxe 5.5.8 released NEWS: - Softbank 707SC Direct Unlock - Softbank 707SC2 Direct Unlock - New Agere Series Direct Unlock Jun 20 SPTBOX Deluxe 5.4.8 Softbank Direct Unlock RELEASED - Softbank 705SC Direct Unlock - Softbank 706SC Direct Unlock - Softbank 708SC Direct Unlock - Softbank 709SC Direct Unlock - Softbank 730SC Direct Unlock - Softbank 805SC Direct Unlock - Softbank 820SC Direct Unlock - Softbank 821SC Direct Unlock - Softbank 920SC Direct Unlock - Softbank 901sc Write Flash - Softbank 930sc Write Flash - Softbank 931sc Write Flash - UMTS GT-S5600 Unlock/Imei - UMTS GT-S5230 Imei/Unlock (Via Rpl) P.S: More Softbank Model And Version On Way. Enter Test Mode OK! PDA SW Ver: I8700XXJJ4 CSC Ver: I8700DTMJJ6 Phone SW Ver: I8700XXJJ3 IMEI: 353679040105870 Product ID: 8650B-SDCAOWZM-2250 Phone SN: R6XZA70639 Write New IMEI: 300000000000007 All Jobs Done. Details Here.


    ATTENTION ABOUT I9100G: This Phone have 2 Different hardware one for Europe one for china never mixed coz if u write European hardware china firmware u can not turn European language and can be kill phones. - Now Your Phone Will Be Ok Aug 14 SPTBOX Deluxe 6.0.1 RELEASED - Samsung Umts GT-S5230 Unlock(Via Rpl) Free - Samsung Umts GT-S5233 Unlock(Via Rpl) Free - Samsung Umts GT-S5233a Unlock(Via Rpl) Free - Samsung Umts GT-S5233s Unlock(Via Rpl) Free - Some Reported Tfs Write Problem Fixed - Some Minor Bug Fixed S5230-S5233-S5233a-S5233s Unlock Procedure Following: - First Connect Phone Spt With Rj45 Cable - Mark Unlock Then Press Spt Mode. Phone Forensics Phone Forensic Software Phone Forensic Hardware Faraday Bags More. View All Repair Services Phone Flashing Services Debrand Services DIY Debrand Packs HTC Debrand Packs Motorola Debrand Packs Nokia Debrand Packs Samsung Debrand Packs More. * Broadcomm SGH-J750 New Flash Type Added. * After Flash Over Need Make Hard Reset To Phone: joystick up + power and will a come new menu select 1 and if its ask password enter 0000 * After Hard Reset Phone Will Restart * Keypad Input *#0228#. No. Tel. Language Change Service Firmware Update Service Security Code Services Special Phone Services Boot / Jtag Repair Service HTC JTAG Repair LG JTAG Repair Samsung JTAG Repair ZTE JTAG Repair Other JTAG Repair View All. 6313173622

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